Client: A Better Choice For Property Development Ltd
Ashford, Kent
Ashford Borough Council

The inclusion of the prominent gables was a huge aspect of the re-design, the importance of the existing architectural merit of the existing Swanton House was emphasised by its prominent gable ends that sat proud within the street scape. It was important that we re-introduced these prominent gable features into the proposed scheme and ensure the dominance of these were emphasized within the architectural journey around the elevations of the proposed blocks. The use of the metal cladding that wraps the gables and its striking contrast with the light buff brick choice really allows the gables to assert that dominance within the ever-changing street scape of Elwick Road. 

The inclusion of feature/relief brickwork was paramount to the proposed design given the arts and crafts cornicing brickwork that wrapped around the existing Swanton House and the eclectic Victorian architecture that runs throughout the street scape of Elwick Road. This can be found within the protruding solider coursing that wraps around all elevations of both blocks that adds to the flow of elevation to elevation along with the feature toothed brickwork panels that neatly sit between the glazing really add a strong depth of field and texture to the proposed elevations.