Client: 60 Bricks
Location: Walthamstow
Ward: Waltham Forest

On Architecture were appointed as Delivery Architects for Stages 4-6 of this project.

The proposed scheme provides 83 homes arranged over 8 and 12 storeys, with a policy compliant mix of social rent, intermediate and private sale units. The new homes are split into two separate residential cores; Core 1 accommodating a mixture of social rent and intermediate tenures, and Core 2 accommodating a mixture of intermediate and private tenures. Each core is designed to be indistinguishable in terms of quality and specification, and will therefore be ‘tenure-blind’. 

90% of the flats are to comply with Part M(4)2 and are to be accessible and adaptable for occupants. 8 of the 83 flats (10%) are fully wheelchair accessible and will comply with Building Regulations Part M4(3). These flats are all for social rent and are therefore accessible via Core 1. 4no. wheelchair accessible parking spaces are provided for Core 1 residents. 

Each core has its own dedicated cycle store within a reasonable distance to their respective lobbies, and a shared communal residential refuse store for all tenures. 

A large portion of the ground floor is occupied by an NHS Health Centre, with a smaller NHS functional space to the north west corner. 

Health centre parking spaces within the footprint of the building. The layout of the ground floor is designed with the principle of maximising active frontage to the west and south elevations, as a means of improving the wider public realm as well as improving passive security in and around the South Grove Masterplan. Ancillary spaces, plant rooms, and parking areas are situated in the depth of the building footprint where possible to maximise active frontage. Core 1 and the NHS functional space addresses the connection to the north west towards the High Street, Core 2 addresses the green link south west towards Markhouse Road, and the NHS health centre entrance addressing the linear park towards the South Grove development to the east. 

On Architecture were appointed as Delivery Architects for Stages 4-6 of this project.