Client Esquire Developments
Sector Residential
Location Rainham
Ward London B of Havering
Status Planning

The illustrative proposal interprets the Parameters Plan. It demonstrates how a layout can be developed to create a development that fits well with the semi-rural location of the site. There will be 48 dwellings designed to maintain a rural atmosphere while offering gardens, open spaces, access, and parking. The layout centre’s around a main access “spine” with shared lanes and courts serving the 48 dwellings for both private and service vehicles.

The arrangement of homes and strategic landscaping at the entrance will shield the development’s front from nearby Listed dwellings. Notably visible homes, like those at lane ends and corners, have distinct facades and materials to stand out. Existing boundary foliage is kept and supplemented with new landscaping. Key trees near the entrance and boundaries are retained. Additional planting and landscaping throughout the site will soften hardscaped areas. A landscape buffer to the north-eastern and south boundaries will reinforce existing foliage and screen the proposal from the countryside.

Opportunities in the Fruit Belt:
– Establish ecological interest through woodland planting.
– Retain appropriate shelter belts.
– Create traditional orchards.
– Enhance tree cover at key points.

Natural habitats like orchards, meadows, and native hedgerows enhance the site’s ecological value, especially as the character area lacks strong ecological integrity. Non-native conifers along the northwestern boundary will be replaced with a double row of native hedge and trees. The landscape design maintains and strengthens shelter belts, integrating the site with its surroundings.

This Design and Access Statement supports an outline planning application by Esquire Developments Ltd for residential development on land at Seymour Road and London Road, Rainham. The proposal includes access, parking, landscaping, and open space, with specifics except access reserved. The 48-unit mixed-size development aligns with national and local policies addressing housing needs.

The scheme is informed by site analysis, technical reports, and planning considerations. Beyond meeting housing needs, it aims to create a well-designed community that positively contributes to the local area. It focuses on good design principles and minimises impacts on adjacent properties and the road. The proposals are appropriate in terms of development extent, access, and layout. They present an exciting opportunity to provide necessary accommodation in Rainham.