Client: Silver Leaf Group
Sector: Residential
Status: Pre App
Location: London Borough Croydon
Ward: Croydon District Council

14-324 Old Lodge Lane is located on the edge of the town of Purely and is approximately 5 miles away from Croydon town center. The site is opposite New Valley Primary School and sits next to a series of small commercial premises which front Rowland Place to the north. The area is predominantly residential with most of the housing stock being 2 story semidetached houses, with some 2.5 story interspersed along the road to the North.

Immediately to the North of the site is a large building comprising retail shops at ground floor with 2 1/2 storeys of residential apartments above. To the front are large parking forecourt areas. To the rear of this building is a more recent development (Rowland Place) comprising of 2 detached buildings containing 14 apartments. The sites Southern boundary sits along a small section of Ancient Woodland which has a 15m buffer zone encroaching into the South Eastern corner of the site which is a restraint to be considered as part of any proposal. The site is sloping from East up to the West and there is a level change of approximately 3.5 meters.