Client Esquire Developments
Sector Residential
Location Folkestone
Ward Folkestone & Hythe DC
Status Planning

We’re thrilled to share our plans for a charming residential development! This project includes 16 homes, parking spaces, and beautifully landscaped surroundings on the south side of Cauldham Lane. This thoughtful design aligns with national policies, recognizing the importance of such developments to meet local housing needs. The local council supports this too, acknowledging the demand for housing in the district.

Our layout has been carefully crafted to honor Capel-le-Ferne’s unique location on the edge of the village and the stunning Kent Downs AONB. The 16 homes are designed to preserve the rural charm while offering spacious gardens, green spaces, and parking. The layout, shaped by the land’s opportunities and challenges, blends harmoniously with the village.

We’ve put strategic landscaping at the boundaries. These areas will provide outdoor spaces for residents and create a buffer for the preserved boundary planting. Prominent hedgerows and trees along Cauldham Lane will shield the development, ensuring privacy and preserving the area’s character.

Our layout is all about enhancing the wayfinding and creating a sense of place. The views from and within the site have been carefully considered. Standout homes in key locations have been designed with active facades and materials. A landscape buffer along the north and southwest boundaries reinforces existing foliage and screens the proposal from the stunning countryside and AONB beyond.

Our scheme brings diversity and identity to the local area through high-quality design inspired by the Kent Downs AONB’s unique character. This has been achieved through thorough site assessments, considering the surroundings and potential, all backed by technical reports. Beyond providing homes, our goal is to create an integrated and beautifully designed community that enriches Capel-le-Ferne.

Our proposal is anchored in good design principles, aiming to enhance the site’s visual appeal, especially when viewed from the countryside. By fully utilizing local amenities, transport links, and connecting with the community and countryside, our development is both thoughtful and sustainable.

These proposals fit the site perfectly in terms of land use, development size, access, layout, and appearance. We’re truly excited about the opportunity to bring a well-designed, character-enhancing project to Capel-le-Ferne, providing the much-needed accommodation that the area deserves.