5 ways to choose the best architect for you

1 | Bringing value to the table
From small house extensions to larger mixed-use schemes, it’s important to understand how architects add value to even the smallest project. As building design experts with essential knowledge of planning policy, architects can establish a building design utilising the constraints unique to each site, including orientation, built context, landscaping, and cost. Furthermore, we are experts in maximising value from sites whilst interpreting our client’s brief to create a narrative that truly reflects a client’s vision and aspirations. Carefully considered design can make clever use of space, enhance natural light, and create sustainable solutions by reducing the carbon footprint.

2 | Style
An architect’s style usually relates to their branding and identity, and the type of spaces and buildings prevalent within their portfolio. It’s important you choose an architect that designs buildings you like in terms of aesthetics, materials, and spatial quality. At ON, we pride ourselves on our ability to produce both modern and traditional architecture with the highest quality detailing and care.

3 | Scale
The scale of projects a practice usually undertakes is normally an indicator of what potential projects they are willing to take on. A larger practice working on bigger schemes is less likely to accept a project for a small house extension as it’s simply not cost effective for them. Luckily, as a medium-sized practice we work on projects of all different scales, and adopt a custom design approach for each one.

4 | Word-of-mouth recommendation
Although considered a traditional way of networking, word-of-mouth recommendations from friends, family, and colleagues are a great way to establish whether you’d like to work with a certain architect. They can walk you through a first-hand account of their experience, and answer questions you have regarding the process of gaining planning approval.

5 | Visit completed works
Visits to completed works are the best way to experience spaces, as they allow you to see, touch, and feel the finished design. It gives you more clarity with establishing the brief of your project, and highlights the most important elements for your project.

Taking all of the above into consideration, it’s important to work with an architect who collaborates and works with you to deliver your vision. Still unsure? Call us if you’d like to discuss your project aspirations.

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